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Enterprise ecommerce marketing isn’t just for the enterprise anymore.

Slide Klaviyo Highlights Drag & Drop Editor When it comes time to design emails for specific campaigns and flows – their drag and drop editor combined with powerful personalization features makes content creation pretty fun. Just tell Klaviyo your font and brand colors and we’ll automatically apply them to built-in workflows and default templates. You can also upload your own templates; customize pre-built templates from their library; or upload your own designs. Email Segmentation There’s no easier way to increase your marketing ROI than segmentation whether it’s based on behavior, properties, or engagement with previous campaigns. Want to look at who spent more than $1,000 in the last 6 months? Done. Tailor a Customer Audience for Facebook? Too easy; just use our Facebook integration. Targeting left-handed dentists in Victoria who purchased last week? A bit extreme, but technically possible. Track Website Behaviour All it takes is a few lines of code placed on your site and voilà! Enter a world of targeting possibilities. Klaviyo’s web tracking lets you know what your customers are doing on your site, so you can launch a campaign to people who haven’t stopped by recently; get in touch with people who have looked at a product but didn’t buy; segment based on people who are frequent visitors, and much more. Facebook Ads & Campaigns You’ve got the content, personalized like never before. Your lists are ready. Powerful segments ready to rock. All that’s left to do is to go live!
Whether it’s a newsletter; one-off promotional campaign; automated email flow or triggered series; or a Facebook ad – Klaviyo sets you up to send it all.
Powerful Reporting Because Klaviyo is integrated deeply with your ecommerce platform and sends your emails, you’ll know exactly which email drove the purchase of which product for accurate results – fast. No deterministic modeling. No back of the envelope estimates. No deduplication and Excel voodoo. Just cold, hard facts. AB Campaign Testing AB testing is a must-do for the data-driven marketer. Don’t settle for clunky interfaces or complicated workarounds to get your tests out the door. Klaviyo makes it simple to AB test your email campaigns and your triggered flows, so you can learn fast. Pick your experiment. Push send. Measure results. Grow your business.

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Most ecommerce marketing software forces you to choose between being as effective as possible or moving fast. Klaviyo is different. Designed for growth-minded ecommerce merchants, Klaviyo gives you powerful functionality without sacrificing the time it takes for your marketing to make an impact on your bottom line.

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