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CAASie Outdoor Ads


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CAASie is an online platform for Billboards; like Adwords is for ads on Google.

Slide Caasie Partner Logo We're proud to be a CAASie Partner!

To put simply, CAASie is an online platform for Billboards; like Adwords is for ads on Google. CAASie is a cloud-based, open marketplace for programmatic purchase of digital advertising space on out-of-home (dOOH) inventory.

Digify Agency will use our current digital marketing skill sets to plan, manage, and run dOOH advertising campaigns all from the one interface. On your behalf, we can design and create killer content your next digital billboard advertisement with CAASie.

Contact us today to find out how can get started with CAASie.

Slide CAASie Platform Highlights The CAASie platform is designed to extend your digital advertising to out-of-home media. Just like Adwords. Only outdoors. Pay-Per-Play. Pay only when your ads play. To sum it all up – your ad will only play when you want it to and you’ll only pay when it does. Like Facebook ads and the other digital platforms, CAASie operates on a pay-per-play basis. You might have heard of a cost-per-impression on Facebook – that’s exactly what CAASie does. Pick. Bid. Win CAASie makes buying digital billboard advertising space a breeze. The sleek interface features search by location and filters to narrow down your billboard selection. Then, CAASie simply allows you to add screens to your campaign via the information panel. To finish the process you can set an hourly, daily or ‘lifetime’ budget limit for your digital billboard campaign. CAASie Campaign Dashboard Monitor, manage and optimise your campaign’s performance in the CAASie campaign dashboard. In addition to editing campaign length and budget, you’ll also be able to add, remove or pause individual screens, upload new artwork and adjust your bid schedule at any time.

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